#288 Cheap Books

Our public library system is having their annual book sale this week.  They rent out some empty warehouse space and throw out all their discarded books and charge like a quarter a book and that’s it.

Wait, please, while I wipe off the drool from my keyboard.

Well.  I really wanted to go by myself to shop.  Because I knew it would be crowded and disorganized and I’d really like to spend about 2 hours looking through every single book. But in the end, the boys heard me say where I was going.  And along they tagged.  I cannot refuse them books.  They know this.

They didn’t read the price list as we were walking in.  And so when we made our way  back to the children’s section, they looked around and said, “Wow!  And we don’t have to return them?” (The library binding was throwing them off.)  And then they wanted to know if they could please have 3 – no…maybe 4?  Imagine their little eyes when I said they could each choose TEN.

I rock.

So 8 and 6 got busy selectively choosing books.  It took them longer to pick out ten than it did for me to get 24 in my own stack.  5, however, wasted no time.  After bringing me the first 3 books to hold, and listening to me say, “You have to carry these yourself.”  He looked up at me and said, “Well.  Where are the LITTLE books?”  He’s no dummy.  He then found the 10 smallest books he could find in the whole place in about 3 minutes flat.  And then sat under a table looking at them until it was time to leave.

6 came home with some interesting selections.  Lots of “dark” books – headless people, etc.  And also some really old-fashioned (1950-1960) early reader type books.  He loves this Dick and Jane era readers.  I think it’s very sweet.

Today, during school time, he went to get one of the books to read to me.  He had already read it to himself.


photo(10)Sweet little tale of an elephant who gets revenge on nut-throwing men, by squirting them down with water.

But my favorite part was the guide on the back cover.

photo(11)In case you can’t read that, it’s an asterisk by the short o sound, that notes that in “some localities, the o in dog may have the sound of aw as in saw.”


How great is that!  Made me think about when we moved to the Midwest and I was teaching kindergarten, and I made a conscious effort to learn how to say the long i sound, so that the little northerners wouldn’t go home talking like they were auditioning for Gone With the Wind.

Well worth a quarter.


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