#287 that karate meets are only once in a blue moon

So all those Saturdays that I brag about not having to schlep around on the soccer field anymore?  Well, yesterday I had my payback.  Over 6 hours sitting in a PACKED middle school gym bleacher row.  8 and 6 had a karate thing.  And it was really, really great.  Their teacher and his fellow “masters” and other black belts all put on a demonstration first that lasted about 1.5 hours.  It was amazing!  The wood-breaking, fire tossing, etc.  The boys were all mesmerized.  We had a great time.

After that, he had a competition for all the younger students.  And it was, very VERY disorganized.   And so we sat there for about an hour while they tried to sort all the kids out and then finally it got started.  And it took forever and a day.  Both 8 and 6 only wanted to compete in one event.  (They had the option of doing two out of three.)  They were in two separate age groups.  When they finished, they were ready to leave.  And even though I knew there was only a very slight chance that one of them had placed in the top three, I hated the thought of missing the award ceremony just in case.  So we waited another 1-2 hours until it was all finished.

And were rewarded.  6 got the silver medal in his group for his “empty hands” presentation.  He was so proud of himself!  He and 5 were both very supportive of 8, who did not get a medal.  He did a really good job.  But was up against some kids who have been doing this for a much longer time.

It was very hard to come home with a shiny silver medal for one child and nothing but a t-shirt for the other.  This was their first experience with “not everyone is a winner.”  Man, that’s hard.  But it’s a necessary hard, I know.


One response to “#287 that karate meets are only once in a blue moon

  1. That happened to us the first time a month ago. And the winner went home and made a medal from aluminum foil for his brother who did not get an original medal. Very nice moment.

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