#286 kid photography

5 loves taking pictures.  And lately, I’ve been giving him my iphone when we are out and about and letting him snap away.  (I keep deleting but I still have almost 300 pics on there now that he’s taken…and most of them are really neat.)

He took about 30 pictures of me last Tuesday, while his brothers were in art class, and he and I were sitting outside at the farm, watching the goats, swinging in the hammock, and reading.  I didn’t even realize he was snapping pics of me until I went to delete some of the 142 of the goat.  And found the ones of me.  And some of them are very sweet.

I’m not going to post them because I’m trying to keep this blog anonymous and all.  But here’s one of just my hands.  And the book of the day.


I always do all the picture-taking in our family, so it’s almost surreal to see pictures of me out there.


One response to “#286 kid photography

  1. A and I are in a photography class and it’s been awesome for him. He’s able to be part of activities that otherwise threaten him… from behind the camera.

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