#275 bloglines

A good, wise, smart, funny, gorgeous friend of mine introduced me to bloglines some time ago.  If you don’t know about bloglines, you should. Go there.  Manage your blogs.  And read them when they are updated without bothering to compulsively check 100s of websites.

She forgot she told me about it when she posted something on her blog last night.  The blog that hadn’t been updated for months.  The one she thought nobody read.  But it went right into my bloglines feed and I was so happy to see something from her to read this morning.  Until I read it.

Thank you, Bloglines.  I heard her message loud and clear.  Thank you, Friend.  Who reads this blog too.  Because if you hadn’t introduced me to bloglines, I might not have read your post.  And that would have bothered me.  And I would have kicked your ass.

The end.


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