#273 the library

I grew up in the tiniest of tiny towns you can imagine.  And we had the tiniest of public libraries in existence.  Really, it wasn’t actually a library but just a corner of the town hall building.  And the secretary who answered the phones there (and what the hell else she did I have no idea) just took out the cards and stamped your book and sent you on your way.

I remember feeling like it was Christmas morning every time I got back in the car with a stack of books.  That feeling of Newness and Yet to be Discovered.  I would always finish them way earlier than my momdriver planned on returning me to the library for more.  Which was a letdown.  But I’m sure she was spacing out the trips so that I wouldn’t read through the entire city collection in 4 months.  Which I could have done.

I went to the library this morning and once again had to choose which items to put back on the shelf because I was already maxed out at my limit.  I go about once every 5 days.  Thank God it’s only 5 minutes from my house.  I so wish I could walk to it.  My next house will be within walking distance of a public library.

I am pretty sure I’ve no idea where they keep the adult books at this library.  Isn’t that funny?  Granted, I do read a lot of kiddy lit.  But also, the adult books I read are always waiting for me on the hold shelf, because I worked some internet magic and made it so.  What little browsing I do at the library is in the children’s section.

I used to fantasize about getting snowed in at a library.  Like stuck there for a week with food and water, of course.  But no company.  Just books.

Makes me giddy just thinking about it.


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