#272 solid belts

My older two have been doing karate now for over a year.  But they were in an intro-type class, where the kids were given striped belts for participation.  No testing like in Real Karate.  This fall, they moved up to the real deal.  And last night, they had their first test.  8 was a little nervous because memorizing the different steps was difficult for him.  6 said he was not nervous (which was HUGE since he used to be the kid who could NEVER stand up in front of a group of people and perform like that.)  But I think they were both a little jittery.

I was hoping and praying they both got their belts.  I know I promised to be the mom who wanted her kids to learn to deal with failure.  And I do.  But the thing is, this was the first one.  And I didn’t really know if they understood they wouldn’t automatically get it, since that’s what they were used to.  And I didn’t want the shock and surprise of that to be wrapped up in their “first testing” experience. Plus, the ANGST of one of them getting it and one not?  Oy.  I am sure we will be there one day.  But I was hoping not right off the bat.

5 and I are usually at gymnastics during this time.  But last night we went to watch them.  Since I haven’t been all fall, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was kind of surprised that there was so much going on.  They have to know their moves, be able to handle the weapon correctly, and get points for sparring.  It was all impressive, frankly.  And obvious to me that they will have to do a lot of work at home to keep on earning their belts.  It will only get harder.  It requires poise and concentration.  And it’s so good for their bodies.

I was on the fence about karate in the beginning.  But it’s been a really good thing for them.  Husband is actually enrolled in the class too, and they think it’s really special that they are learning with Daddy.  And I was sure to get video of Daddy earning his yellow belt last night too.

I hope they stick with it, because I really think it will make them a better person overall.  And they enjoy it.


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