#271 that he made it back

So in January I blogged about a friend who had tried to cross the border again and was detained.  The saga continued after that for a long time.  But I am happy to report that he finally FINALLY made it back home today.  His wife and daughter got to see him this afternoon, back in the States, for the first time in months and months.  I cannot even imagine their joy.  It is joy mixed with pain and sorrow and anxiety.  But still JOY.

I was telling the kids today about how he was coming back and this led into a complicated discussion about why he had been gone and immigration laws and whatnot.  It’s a very hard thing for me to talk about with them.  Harder than sex or murder or death or adoption or family-members-turned-lunatics.  Because it’s so wrapped into their own stories and their own losses and their own futures.  Loaded with racism and hatred and miseducation.  It stings.  And I struggle with the words.

But today’s thankful item is an easy one. I had given up hope that he would ever be able to return.  And assumed his family would be forever torn apart.  I am glad I was wrong.


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