#262 the rabbit

So.  I have big news.  Big if you know me in real life.  Because if you know me in real life, you know I am not an animal-lover.  And I married another non-animal lover.  Now, we don’t hate animals.  Don’t get all upset.  But we don’t go gaga over creatures of the non-human form and really have no desire to be pet-owners.

That doesn’t mesh so well with the three little ones in our house.  They, like all children, consider it their daily mission to whine for a pet 5 times before breakfast.  Since the husband is allergic to dogs and cats, we’ve gotten off easy for a while.  But the time had come.  They needed a pet.  We would have to get over it.

The first homeschool unit we did this fall was on pets.  The boys did all the research and, through books and interviews and visits to the pet shop, decided that the best pet for our family would be….a rabbit.

So – here he is:

267May I present: Zorro.

Deciding on a name was a three-day affair.  We all brainstormed and came up with a long list of names we liked.  And then we all 5 had to agree on a name from that list.  Zorro was one that 5 thought of.  We all like that movie.  And Daddy has a sick sense of humor, so he was tickled that we named our rabbit the Spanish word for “fox.”

Zorro is pretty dang cute.  And he loves to be held and petted and played with.  The boys are happy as larks.  They are also quite responsible.  I know it’s only been a month, but they take care of him without being prompted, which is very nice.  So I guess it’s a good thing all the way around.  This may seriously cut into our travel adventures.  But frankly, that’s probably not a bad thing either.


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