#245 Email

Here’s why I hate the phone.  Let’s say I have to ask someone one thing.  Or tell them one thing.  When doing this over the phone, the shortest amount of time you can hope for is 3 and a half minutes.  And that would be someone you see all the time – no catch-up needed.  210 seconds.  Sounds like no-big deal, but it adds up so fast.  And frankly, most of those “quick” phone calls are more like 15 minutes.

It’s not that I don’t love you.  Or that you’re not worth 15 minutes of my time.  But if I spent 15 minutes on every person I needed to communicate with every day, I’d NEVER talk to my own kids.  Email rocks because I can say what I need to say and type it out in 30 seconds or less.  And read a response later on that takes about 15 seconds to read.  And say the info to multiple people at the same time.  And say it at midnight if I want without disturbing anyone.  And midnight is always a better time for me to chat than during the day, FYI.

Not that phone calls don’t have their place.  They do.  But Dear God, I would be attached to a phone all day if it weren’t for email.


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