#240 happy kids

Kids are little people, after all.  So it makes sense that they have mood swings just like we all do.  There are days/weeks/seasons that are happier than others for me.

My kids are in a Happy Season.  They are just beaming with joy and contentedness and glee.  They’re still whiney and full of fits and fights.  But overall, they are pretty happy in general.  I noticed this today when I saw them acting all skippy and excited about nothing at all.  And I thought for a while about why they are in such a good phase.  I think they are really enjoying all the activities they are doing.  And also all the playtime they are getting.  And just loving life at the moment.

And though I had a few minutes of feeling happy for them and content as their parent…what I really felt was just the joy they were feeling.  You can’t live with happy people without it running off a little on you.  And so it made me think my life was pretty great too.


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