#234 homeschooling = life-long learners

There are a zillion and one reasons why I’m thankful we are homeschooling again.  But today, I was thankful for completely selfish reasons all together.  I was gone to meetings all day, which meant that Daddy was the teacher. I had left him a detailed list of what he was supposed to do and cover.  (Any teacher will tell you it’s way harder to get prepared for a sub than to just do it yourself.)  This was their second day this fall with Daddy as the teacher.  And they (and he) have loved it both times.

When I came home tonight, Husband asked several times if I’d looked through their journals yet.  I said I would wait and let them read it to me tomorrow.  But after the third such inquiry, I finally said, “Honey, is there something in there you want me to read now?”  He said, “Well, it’s just that I’m not sure you’ll understand it when you read what they wrote.  So let me explain.  We read about rabbits today.  Did you know that rabbits have poor digestive systems?  And they have to poop out their food once, and then eat it again, to get another chance to absorb the nutrients and stuff.”

Me: “No.  I did not know that.  Thank you for sharing.”

He was really quite interested and excited about this little fact about rabbits.   And I could sense what was really behind this because I’ve felt it every day without exception too.  The coolest thing about teaching my kids is that I get to learn with them.  Every single day, when we sit down to read about whatever it is we are reading about, I always learn with them.  I am no expert on anything.  So my brain is happy to soak up the new and interesting info on whatever subject they are learning about.  And I think Husband was feeling that excitement as well.

You may have already known why rabbits eat their poop.  Or you may feel you could have lived your whole life without knowing it, thankyouverymuch.  But either way, you have to admit that it’s fun to learn new things.

And though homeschooling is praised for its ability to create a life-long learner out of a child, I really think it’s creating a family of learners.  It has to be scaring away the dementia or whatever else is lurking dormant in my brain.  So I’m extremely thankful.


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