#228 that I printed my blog

Not this one.  But the one I kept for the summer, while we were in Mexico.

I’ve perused the “print your blog” sites for a while, because I used to have this blog that was a private one that was all about my kids.  And I kept it for three years.  And it’s really a nice little “scrapbook” (minus all the heinous stickers) of stuff they did.  And I’d like to have it on a shelf next to the photo albums.

But being three years’ worth of stories, it’s a bit lengthy.  And I wasn’t sure I wanted to try out a printing your blog service on that big old thang.  So…I spent about 20 minutes on the site SharedBook, paid less than $30, and two weeks later, had a nice hardbound copy on my shelf of my summer blog.

Overall I’m very pleased with it.  It uploaded everything very quickly.  The pictures turned out a little fuzzy, but it warned me that they might.  (I have a very high resolution camera so I don’t understand this…but likely it’s the way wordpress converted them or something??)  I knew I could have replaced the pics on my blog with my real pics on my PC but didn’t take the time to do it. Also, when I previewed it before I ordered it, I could tell that it had eliminated all my linebreaks.  In other words, there were no paragraphs at all.   Again, I could have taken the time to fix this manually on each and every post, but decided against it.  And it’s really fine.

Definitely worth the time and money I spent on it, even if it’s not the highest quality book I’ve seen.  I’m going to use it to upload the other older blog when I have time to go through each post and fix wacky stuff.  That will take a whole afternoon, I bet.  But it will be worth it.


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