#222 that we signed him up for gymnastics

5 is a born gymnast.  If you’ve ever seen that thing he does on the side of the couch, you would know exactly what I am saying.  He has the small, tight, speedy little body of a gymnast.  The complete lack of fear.  The sheer balance and grace that has been with him from the beginning.  (He started walking at 10 months and literally just stood up and took off – no falling down or testing the waters.  Just a beeline across the room.)

Anyway, because he’s the third child, we really barely pay any attention to him at all.  And so it’s no surprise that even though he’s wanted to do gymnastics for a while, Mommy only finally got around to enrolling him two weeks ago.

Tonight was his second class.  He is such a little star out there.  His teacher said on the first day, “Wow!  He’s good!”  And he has the best time imaginable flinging himself all over the rings and bars and mats.  He just loves it.

He got to use the chalk on his hands tonight for the first time, which was deemed Most Cool by his two big brothers.  And came home to teach them some fancy schmancy stuff that they had a difficult time recreating.

It’s fun to watch him finally do something, since he’s usually being dragged around to his brothers’ many activities.  And especially fun when it’s something he enjoys so much.


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