#221 that I didn’t need a website

I am trying not to judge here.  Because I understand the powerful tug of wanting to be parents.  And I’ve never been in a position to have that denied to me.  So who knows what I would resort to if I did.


This seems a bit over the top. T-shirts?  Yard signs?  Bumper stickers?

I guess my first thought was, yuck.  It’s like those scalpers who put signs up all over town saying that a “die hard fan needs tickets” and we’re all like, “yeah, right.”  Because we know you are just going to sell those tickets for a profit.  And maybe even to the opposing team!

I don’t know if I was a pregnant lady who might be considering adoption if I would feel okay about this full court marketing press.  I think I might be a bit taken aback by it.  And not sure if you are really wanting to scalp my baby off to the highest bidder.

I’m just not sure this is the way to go.  And frankly, if they’ve been doing this for three years and a flood of babies haven’t been dropped off by the FedEx man, then I’m thinking I’m not the only one here.

I wanted to feel sorry for them, because they looked so nice in their picture and all.  But then I kept reading.  And kept feeling less and less sorry for them.

First of all, she’s like 50.  I’m not trying to be an ageist or anything, but I think you need to really think if 70 is a good age for helping your kiddo move her things into college.  I’m just saying.  It’s not that it can’t be done.  But I’m wondering if maybe you should think about a kid who is a little bit older, say.

What?  Oh.  They only want a baby or toddler so they can teach the kid French.  Um.  Okay.  Hey, I get the whole bilingual thing.  That’s big in our house too.  But that’s not really the reason we adopted or anything.  And I don’t think if I wanted to be a parent so damn bad, I would let it stop me from bringing home an older child.  I’m just saying.

But the biggest groan from me came when I read they had –

thought about adoption even before three cycles of failed fertility treatments sent them looking for a reputable agency.

Oh how I hate this “we really wanted to adopt all along so we shelled out $50,000 to fertility experts so they could help us figure out how.”  For crying out loud.  It’s fine to not want to adopt.  It’s also fine to choose adoption only as a last resort when everything else has been exhausted.  It’s fine to pay crazy money to have experts try desperately to squeeze a baby out that will look like you because you really love your genes that much or you really want to experience having another human inside of your body.  BUT CALL IT WHAT IT IS.  The rest of us aren’t stupid.  And your kid won’t be either.  Your kid will know he’s your kid only because you tried to make a new one and failed.  So be prepared for that and have an answer ready.

That’s all I’m saying.


2 responses to “#221 that I didn’t need a website

  1. Gag me with a spoon.

  2. Like, fer sure.

    Except you do need a website. For you to write all this stuff and make the rest of us think… and gag.

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