#214 playing with my kids

I am not the best Mommy in the “playing with my kids” department.  When they were younger, I served my time.  Hours of stacking blocks and peek-a-boo and pretend.  But as they’ve gotten older they have realized that their brothers are better at building Legos or lightsaber crashing than I am.  And I have found other things to do.

That’s not to say that I don’t do things with them.  Because I do.  But it tends to be more structured things like reading, board games, cooking, art.  Just “playing” (pretend and whatnot) I don’t seem to do much with them any more.  And I am slapping myself for that as I type.

But today, I was in an Extremely Good Mood (since the 9 days of solo parenting had ended) and that led me to journey down to the basement and play along in whatever they were doing.  And today it was reenacting the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter #4.  They’d dragged out the tunnel maze set that we got them many a Christmas ago.  And had stationed creatures along the inside as obstacles.  And were taking turns being Harry Potter, while the other two were hiding inside thinking up riddles or math problems that Harry had to solve in order to get past.

I laughed really hard.  Their riddles and games were really quite funny.  5 kept doing a “riddle” which sounded like this –

“Once upon a time there was a dragon with a stinky butt and a bunch of people who were eating soup.”

And Harry would always say, “Uh….what am I supposed to do?”

5:”You have to tell me what happens next in the story.”

Harry: “Oh.  Um….They all go to Florida?”

5: “Right!  You may pass.”

You can’t not laugh at that.

I’m glad I made the time to wonder downstairs today and that they allowed me a glimpse into their world.  Because it’s really a nice place.


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