#208 that I didn’t have to take the kids to the grocery

There is only one thing I hate more in life than going to the grocery store.  And that is going to the grocery store with my children.

Husband usually does the grocery shopping.  I go once or twice a month to run in and get a random forgotton item from the list.  But he does the bulk of it.  On the rare occasion that I have to do the weekly run, I dread it like the plague.  I hate, HATE, HATE the grocery store.  But taking the kids and doing a full cart load of stuff is sheer torture.

We’ve been gone for 6 weeks.  Husband won’t be back for another 7 days.  I like McDonald’s and all, but not enough to eat that three times a day for all of this week.  So I knew I had to do some grocery shopping today.

My sweet dad and wonderful brother came over and watched my kids play with my nephew while I went alone to the store.  And knowing I didn’t have kids there to “help” me, made it much less painful.

Now we have food in the house.  Thank goodness.


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