#199 McDonalds

I know it’s horrible.  And I’m embarrassed to admit it…but I freakin’ love McDonald’s.  Have you ever tasted french fries that great?

I love visiting McD’s in other countries too.  Because on the one hand, it’s a predictable meal.  You know what you are going to eat because it’s the same everywhere.  And on the other hand, it’s always a little different.  There are always a few interesting “other” menu choices that we don’t have back in the States.

We took the kids to McD’s last weekend, mostly because they wanted to play on a playground-type apparatus, which are hard to come by here.  We were there for 2 hours.  Definitely not fast food.

And tonight, because Mommy has spent the entire day in the bathroom…(Inevitable when you spend 6 weeks in Mexico)…Daddy took the boys there without me.  And normally they whine at the idea of going somewhere without me.  But not to the golden arches.  So I got 2 whole hours of silence.  The first breathing I’ve done since June without children in my lap.

I’m Lovin’ It.


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