#191 That nobody saw me

Now after you read this, you are probably going to to think…Her thankful item should have been that her damn kid is alive! But if you are paying attention, you will determine that he was in no real danger after all.

So today, I went swimming with my clothes on.

4 has just started jumping off the side of the pool and swimming all the way to the other side.  And he did it like 79 times today.  And of course, he was starting to get tired.  So towards the end of the afternoon, he was midway in motion, when he started to panic.  He bumped into his brother, which broke his stride and he froze.  And got those eyes and that worried “Mommy!” in his voice.

I was saying, “You are fine, Honey!  Just swim on over here!”  Largely because I didn’t want him to doubt himself.  But it wasn’t working.  So my shoes got flung to the side and I shoved the other two kids out of my way and climbed in, khakis and all.  He sat sobbing in my lap for a few minutes.  But later jumped back in to show off his new skill to Daddy.  So it was all fine.

But I was sitting there on the side of the pool, dripping wet and fully clothed and thinking how glad I was no one else had been out there.  The poor kid was fine.  (I really don’t think his head even went under the water.)  But the whole thing could have been categorized as Major.

The boys loved telling their father when he got home how Mommy got in with her clothes on.  And he cracked up when he realized it was all a-okay.

Glad he wasn’t there to see it.  (And bonus is that the clothes, which were mostly dirty, now look clean enough to wear again.)


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