#181 that I started packing

We leave for Mexico in 6 days.  Last night Husband and I were pow-wowing about necessary items to bring.  And he was going on and on about the weekend trips he wanted to take while we there.  And I was staring at him with death bolts.  And he said, “You don’t seem excited at all.”  To which I replied, “Well!  I can’t get excited until everything is packed and ready to go.”

“So pack,” he said.

So today, I cleaned out the invention room so that could be the “packing room.”  I laid out books and medicines and more books.  Which doesn’t sound like a lot.  But it is.  And I made a clothing list.  So I’m well on my way.  And I’m glad, because the whole idea of packing for 5 weeks for 5 people is a bit stressful.  So once it’s done, then maybe I can get excited.


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