#180 my new neighbor

My brother signed the lease on a house that is a bike-ride away from mine.  He’s moving back here because of this big giant custody junk going on which is too unpleasant for me to talk about here.  But I’m very glad to have him in the neighborhood.  The kids went over to see his house today.  They declared it to be “awesome.”  I think this was because he still hasn’t unpacked everything and so all the closets were empty and thus perfect spots for playing hide and seek.  That and the fact that he ordered dish TV today.  And they understand now that means like a zillion channels to choose from.  And they have it in their heads that they will ride over there and watch crazy TV or something.  And I’m not totally throwing cold water on that.

Because little boys need an uncle.

They need someone to show them how to fight, explain how much getting your tongue pierced hurts, scare them with stories and faces and such, and tell them what stuff to stay away from.  Because uncles know.

4 threw a fit when we were leaving this afternoon, wanting Uncle to come back to our house right away.  He said he was going to unpack and meet us back here for dinner – since french toast was on the menu.  “Okay.  But Hurry Up!” 4 said, as he jumped off the front step and headed for home.

That made me smile.  I’m glad he’s settling in.


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