#174 road trip happiness

So the 12.5 hour drive took more like 15.5.  No joke.  15 hours in a van with three kids.  And how was it?  Amazingly fine.  Not a tear, not a whine, not an argument.  We made it safely and the kids were great.  Barely slept at all but were happy as clams with stops and snacks and three movies.  We got in late to my sister’s, but I still let them get in the pool anyway.  This was the first time they had been in a pool at night with a pool light on.  I think that’s always fun – even for adults.  And they were so, so excited.  My sister couldn’t believe it was their first time.  Until I reminded her that it gets dark usually around 9 and they are almost always in the bed by 7:30 or 8 at the latest. To which she rolled her eyes.

Nobody tell my kids that’s early.  Sssshhhhhh.


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