#171 Another birthday party down

We had 4’s party today.  He’s not officially 5 yet – but that day will pass while we are in Mexico.  So today was the day to celebrate with his friends.  He had a blast at the little shindig.  (A gymnastics place.)  And his friends got him the neatest set of gifts.  Usually I hate birthday parties because I hate all the pile of plastic stuff we come home with.  Stuff that we don’t need, and usually stuff that the kid doesn’t even really like – but he’ll open it up and play with it all of 2 seconds because it is his.

Anyway, today was a serious exception in the gift department.  He got loads of great thoughtful gifts that he really loves.  He and his brothers had a blast assembling Legos and castles tonight.  And he went to bed wrapped up in a long snake.  And wearing a headlight.  How great is that?

I am thankful today that the birthday season has officially ended.  I like that their birthdays are close together because I feel like we do it and then it’s done.  We will still have our family cake and presents next week before we leave.  And on his actual birthday I am sure we will do something special in Mexico to celebrate.  But otherwise, we are D-O-N-E.


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