#170 kids grow up

I may be the only mother in the world who says this.  But I am so glad that my kids are getting older.  They are at ages now where it’s so much more fun to be with them than it was two years ago.  They can do real things.  That we all enjoy together.  They can watch movies that even grown-ups can like too.  They can eat by themselves and get dressed by themselves.  They can joke around with us and get the jokes we make too.  They can participate in interesting conversations.  (Just yesterday we had a big talk about being afraid of death and what it might feel like.)

On days like today, when it’s cloudy and breezy, I can say it’s too cold for me to get in the pool.  And they can get in without me.  I like that I don’t have to participate in everything they do now.  That I can just observe sometimes.


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