#169 swimming

We are at my dad’s.  Another few days on the farm.  When we were here three weeks ago, I couldn’t drag the kids away from the fishing.  I mean they refused to stop casting.  So I assumed this trip would be the same and told Dad to stock up on worms.

But all they wanted to do today was swim.  (In the pool.  They are such city-boy wimps when it comes to putting their bodies in the lake.)  They swam all day.  8 has been swimming and diving and jumping solo for a while now.  6 is totally not cool with water on his face.  He lives in the shallow end.  Which is fine, for now.  4, however, is a little fish.  He was almost swimming last summer.  Just wouldn’t let us let go.  Today, the kid was jumping off the board into Daddy’s arms and then with a little push swimming back to the side.  He loves it.  He kept doing it over and over.  About 87 times total, I would say.

Needless to say, they were all three yawning at dinner and actually asked me several times, “Is it bedtime yet?”  All were out like a sack of potatoes by 7:30.

Swimming is good for the soul.  And good for the parents who like an early bedtime.


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