#165 Our foster experience

Two times we have had the privilege of being foster parents for a delightful young man.  He’s 15 now, but he was 12 when we first met him.  He’s from Guatemala and needed to come to the States to get some medical care he couldn’t get while in his own country.  We volunteered to host him both times while he was here.

We had no idea what we were getting into.  But it couldn’t have worked out any better.  He’s a great kid.  Very responsible, and dependable.  Kind and loving.  Our sons were crazy about him.  And he was a huge help around the house.  I miss him very much every day.

He and I email about once a week.  We call him once every two months or so.  And the boys insist he doesn’t sound the same at all.  Because, of course, he has the voice of a young man now.  And that’s unfamiliar to us.

He has a great family who I am eager to meet.  His mother is a remarkable woman.  One of the strongest and most determined people I know.  I am hoping that next year is the year we can unite our families in his home and celebrate our connection.

Today in the email I got from him he said he was about to go out for his first driving lesson!  My goodness.  I blinked when I read that.  And wanted to email back, NO!!!  You are too young!  Stay off the streets!

One of the surprised benefits of having him in our family is that it gave us a dry run of what it’s like to parent a teenager.  We got to try it out.  And appreciate how simple life is with kids who are not yet old enough to give us such big worries.

The experience could have gone much differently.  But it was such a positive thing for us all.   We gained way more than we gave.  And I’m grateful every day for the fact that he’s in our family.


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