#147 That the ambulance finally came

Because after sleeping in this chair:


and waiting in said chair all day (they’ll be here at 11.  No 12.  No 1.  Maybe 2?  Any minute now…okay it’s 4:00….), I was glad to see the two EMT folks walk into the room.  And my grandmother was glad when they loaded her up to cart her back to her house.  She perked up today and was the life of the party.  Going home was so sweet to her and so relieving to all of us.  Hospice came to set up everything they need.  And I’m back in my own bed for a night before I head back down to check up on her again.

She let me paint her nails today and style her hair.  And looked so sweet sitting up in that bed.  I took a picture of her to send to my sister.  And I almost want to post it here.  But I don’t think it looks sweet to most people.  It looks like a shriveled up dying woman.  So I will leave it tucked away. But it was good to see her smile.

I’m so glad they finally got there.


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