#143 That his birthday wasn’t ruined

Fancy legal presto chango and it looks like I didn’t have to be in court today after all. (Oh but that day…she is a’comin’.)

AND I have a 6 year old!  Holy cow!  Of course, of course, of course I am thankful for this kid.  He is a gem, the middle one.  One of the biggest reasons I am thankful for him is that he is the kid who made me a Mother.  He was our first.  (We adopted out of birth order in case you are stumped.)  And so he’s the one I was aching, ACHING to hold.  It’s not that I wasn’t anxious for the others.  It was hard to wait for each of my children.  But with the first one, the wait was doubly hard.  Because I was simultaneously waiting to be a Mom too.  So his arrival was all the sweeter.

This kid is Love.  He is smart as all get-out.  Doesn’t miss a beat.  World-class eavesdropper.  He’s the slowest thing on the planet.  And when he hears me sigh as I wait for him to gather the collection of 278 pieces of lint or whatever, he always says, “Mommy.  I’m just taking my time.”  With a whimper.  I think he says this because he hears so many grown-ups telling other kids to take their time when they are doing something.  Let me assure you, however.  No one has ever had the need to give those directions to him.  He CANNOT be rushed.

He is a lover of words.  That child has always been willing to sit and listen to books being read until the reader must quit.  Even as a toddler, he never squirmed or tried to end the book session at all.  Today, he will literally sit on the sofa next to me and listen to me read for HOURS.  And be content as a clam.  And then want to run off and write his own stories.  He loves words.  And I love that.

He had a pretty good birthday, all things considered.  In typical form, he changed his mind about what kind of cake he wanted 48 hours before bake time.  He decided he wanted a Beast Quest cake.


That’s fancy stuff, huh?  🙂  Please.  This week was not conducive to cake-baking.  He loves all his gifts.  And all the attention.  And I even heard him telling people today, “Hey!  It’s my birthday!”  Which is a shock.  Since he usually doesn’t like the hooplah.  He let his class sing to him today – which was a first.

I am so glad I got to spend the day with him.  And so glad he is my son.  He is a treasure.  And I love being his mom.


3 responses to “#143 That his birthday wasn’t ruined

  1. Happy birthday, Middle Man! We heart you! xoxo Cool cake, mommy! You reminded me that I have that book to pick up tomorrow at the library!

  2. Happy b-day six year old! We are celebrating here as well. Talked Daddy into taking our 6 to Chucky Cheese’s without me. Guess mother’s day came a little early for me this year.

  3. I was thinking of your new 6 year old today too! Hope his day is awesome!

    We are going to the Cheese Hell on Monday morning for his party with classmates. Oh, how I hate that place…

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