#142 That the ducks had to eat

There aren’t many of my friends who see me every day who are aware of what is going on right now.  There’s a reason for that.  But that’s another post entirely.  But I do have one friend who is aware of the whole saga.  And today, when we dropped off the kindergarteners, she said, “You are coming with me.  We are going to feed the ducks.”  So we loaded up our preschoolers and headed to the book store where there’s a pond.  And a stash of always-hungry ducks.  And the kids fed the ducks.  And we watched them eat.  And that was nice.

Until my phone rang and I got swept back into the whole ordeal.

But the ducks.  They were swimming and eating and swimming and eating.  And in no hurry at all.  They were hungry.  And they didn’t seem to care at all how much Yuck I was carrying on my shoulders.  And that was very, very nice.


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