#139 People really do love me

Not everyone.  But enough people.

Not only do I have lots of nice emails in my inbox saying “I love you.”  But this morning I had to field about 4 non-important phone calls from friends and acquaintances while I was waiting for some important ones.  And they could tell just by my Hello that something was up.  And without knowing what it was, people were flocking.  Offering to make dinner, watch my kids, whatever.

You know that really goes a long way to lift a person up.

Part of what is going on with me right now (a small part and really the least important part) is that there’s this Someone who is saying really yuckola things about me to other Someones who know me but don’t know me well enough to know it’s not true.  And that stings.  And makes me fret.  I’ve never been someone to care a lot about what people think.  But I really do care when people think without knowing all the facts.  That eats away at me.  And I need to get over it.

And make no mistake, that is not the major downer in my life right now.  But it’s a minor one.  And it’s there.  And it’s countered by all the people who really do seem to like me and want to help.

Thank you.


One response to “#139 People really do love me

  1. Yes we do! And not just in a Sally Field way!

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