#131 Beast Quest books

It is a challenge to find great amazing books for young energetic boys.  Harry Potter helped that certainly, as authors caught on that kids’ books could be scary, adventurious, and not always filled with rainbows and unicorns.

Anyway, 5’s teacher loaned us the first book in a series called Beast Quest by Adam Blade.  My kids were instantly hooked.  This is a series of books, smallish chapter books with pencil sketches, about a boy Tom and his friend Elenna, who go on a journey to battle beasts.  Perfect for knight-lovers, battle-lovers, etc.  It’s really a great series.

The kids sat for over an hour on the couch tonight while I read one out loud.  And even Husband was listening too, as it got very exciting and unpredictable.  The books get better as the series goes on. We’re on #8 now, and I’m headed to Amazon after this post to order more since we’ll soon be out.

This is a perfect segue into chapter books for family read-alouds.  If you haven’t read aloud a chapter book yet because you are worried your kid isn’t ready, this would be a good test.  Especially if your kid is an adventure-lover type.  The books have 10 short chapters each.  And it would be very easy to read two chapters a night or so if you are just starting out.

We still read picture books at bedtime and throughout the day if the kid wants.  But usually we always have a chapter book we are reading aloud too.  We got up through the 4th Harry Potter last summer before I stopped.  I found it was getting a little too over their heads.  I was having to explain too much.  They recently asked to hear those again, though, so I think I will pack the first 4 to take to Mexico this summer.  And maybe try the 5th one if that goes better.  But maybe not.  There’s plenty of time for that in the future.

These are Harry-Potter-like – but less complex and for a younger crowd.  They follow a very particular, predictable arc-plot pattern in each book (kind of like the Magic Tree House books).  But with danger and suspense and swords.  Rah!

Anyway, I’m glad we were introduced.  We all love them.  And can’t wait to read more.  Thank you, Mr. Blade.


One response to “#131 Beast Quest books

  1. Thanks for the idea! I’m totally getting these from the library. B is a big Magic Treehouse fan, so this will be perfect!

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