#130 Sleep

This week was a crazy one.  I don’t feel like I sat down for longer than a minute all week.  It was a nice week, but just busy busy busy.  And I got to bed each night between 12 and 2.

So last night, we watched a movie (SpyKids) and then put the kids down at 7.  By 7:30, we were in the bed too.  Asleep before them.  I woke up at 9 because the phone was ringing and 4 had apparently decided to get in our bed before he’d fallen asleep.  So I scooted him over and went back to sleep.  Up at 3 to give 5 some cough medicine (Seems like someone is always coughing around here) and then back to sleep again.  Didn’t wake up again until 8:00 when 4 was screaming and running up the steps because he had dropped something heavy on his foot.

That’s a lot of sleep.

And it reminds me of before kids – when I worked full-time and never slept.  And as a treat, I would usually get home early from work on a Friday (like 5 or 6) and then eat a bowl of ice cream for dinner and then go to bed.  Like at 6:30.  And sleep for 12-13 hours.  And wake up feeling like a new person.  I swear I did that every week.

Would you believe that’s the #1 thing I miss about working full-time?

(What a bore my life is, huh?)


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