#122 Silly Lazy time

After dinner tonight, we all ended up in the living room, laying around on couches and chillin’.  And somehow that evolved into a game where we were each making up a word that rhymed with the name of someone’s friend.  So we’d turn to a kid and say “Fawn” and they would guess, “John!”

How random is that?

But for some reason the kids were liking it.  And it lasted for about 30 minutes.  30 minutes of us just giggling and cuddling and talking and being still.

When we stopped and headed upstairs to get ready for bed, I was thinking how random that was.  And how nice.  And how weird it is that I will have that memory forever.  Way longer than the trips to Disney or ballgames or holidays, etc.

Life is strange.


2 responses to “#122 Silly Lazy time

  1. This is exactly why the TV should be off and kids should not be over scheduled. Think how easy it would be to “miss” those special times!

  2. Those are the best. I love those times.

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