#119 My little baker

For the first time in his whole life, 4 year old has had me to himself every afternoon since September.  (5 goes to a half-day kg class in the afternoons only.)  I was excited and a little nervous about this.  Excited because it’s always nice to have private time with one child.  But nervous because this is the child who requires constant entertainment.  Likely because he’s used to his big brothers always telling him what to play.  But either way, he usually expects someone to be playing with him.

I don’t totally mind playing with my kids.  I will help them build a Lego creation, play a board game, get out art stuff to work on together, or read them a book.  But I really am not crazy about making small ninjas talk and kick each other.  Or pretending I’m a pirate trapped on an island.  I did a LOT of pretend play with them when they were younger.  (Which is why they are so darn good at it now.)  But I feel too tired to do that lately.  So I’m not that thrilled about always “playing” with him.

And let it be known…he needs to be occupied.  It’s not like him playing in one room with me working in another is an option.  Because it’s not.

So we’ve developed a rhythm it seems.  Once or twice a week he’ll have a playdate with some other friends.  That’s nice because usually I can get a little something done.  On the other days, we do some of the things I like to do (mentioned above) but the main thing we do now is –


That kid loves to bake.  I’m not loving it as much as he is…but I do love eating the goods.  He makes a giant mess in general.  But also, he’s pretty neat too.  He cracks eggs like a pro.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve fished out a shell.  He can level out a scoop of sugar.  He gets the box of brownie mix out by himself and looks at the pictures on the back to tell me what we need to get out.  “Eggs, Mommy.  Two.  And some water.  And some oil.  More water than oil.”  He preheats the oven, uses the mixer, greases the pan.  Really, there isn’t anything he doesn’t do.

His brothers love this of course because most days they walk in the door from school and say, “Wow!  What’s that smell!  Banana Bread!  Thanks, 4!”  And then we all sit down to eat something warm and sweet.

He takes something to his teachers weekly that he’s made.  And they love it too of course.

I like to hear him tell people he’s a good baker.  Because I’m glad to see he is aware of something he enjoys doing and is good at doing.  It’s fun to see that emerge.

But mostly…I’m not gonna lie…I’m just thankful there’s always something around to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Today it was brownies with extra chocolate chips.



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