#113 Nature

The kids and I got the heck out of Dodge today and headed south to my dad’s farm.  It’s on the edge of a national park.  He has hundreds of acres of woods and creeks and ponds and a lake and mountains and tractors and animals and…you get the idea.  A little boy’s heaven.  5 said today, “Gosh I wish we lived here.”  I don’t.  But I do like visiting.

I am struck, every time we come here, by how loud nature is.  Even the wind seems volumes greater here than at my house in the ‘burbs.  And yet, at the same time, it’s so powerfully quiet here.  No neighbors in sight.  Just the trees.

The boys had big plans for this trip: fishing, operating construction equipment, sleeping in the tree house (this is the highest tree house imaginable, by the way.)  But they mainly wanted to “get lost in the woods.”  They packed a backpack full of all the things they think they will need – flashlight, toys, snacks, paper and pens, boxes for collecting samples – and have instructed me that I am not allowed to follow them.  They want to explore without an adult.

I hadn’t really decided if I was okay with this or not.  And it may not matter.  Because all  three kids are Sick.  So, so sick.  All they could muster up the energy to do today was ride around on the ATV to look at cows.  And then they collapsed.

Hopefully tomorrow they’ll be perked up enough to get lost.  Or catch a big one.  Or roll in the mud.

Either way the change of scenery is nice.  And peaceful.  And sweet.


One response to “#113 Nature

  1. Sounds perfect. Hugs to all!

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